My fav for Best in the Industry: Catamount VA- Amy England / Heart Like Mine / HUAC II / Catamount” - J.C. Shepard, Americana Programmer


Heart Like Mine is extremely addictive, 'stick in your head'-catchy.” - Music Director, Michael Dixon


Song of the Week: Gas Station Blues It’s music roadtrip weekend time. According to MapQuest, I’ve got a 385-point-something mile drive ahead of me at anywhere from $2.75 to $3.00 per gallon. That’s one way and doesn’t include the price of coffee or sports sections. The price of gas has almost made it so I can’t afford to do what I couldn’t afford to do before. As such, this week’s song of the week comes courtesy of Massachusetts songwriter Amy England ( with “Gas Station Blues” off her CD, “Heart Like Mine.” The title track actually is my favorite, but I couldn’t figure out how “Heart Like Mine” had anything to do with 14 highway hours behind the wheel of a minivan. At 50 bucks per fill-up, “Gas Station Blues” makes perfect sense to me.” - Jim Hoehn

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Heart Like Mine: Shoulder-shrug charm driven into action by heartbeat drum (and jean clad bum).” - Eric & Paige La Grone Babcock

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Nantucketer Amy England wove together a refreshing mix of country meets blues then runs off with a folk-rock sound. In her debut album, “Heart Like Mine”, this small islander releases a big voice that can be heard universally in her heart-on-her-sleeve songs. She digs deep into her roots and combines into her songwriting everything from love, relationships, nature and a ferry ticket with a message in the song, “void if detached”. She’s raw, edgy and one amazing artist definitely worth giving a listen to. Her creative songwriting skills are bound to lure you into her spellbound lyrics and sensual voice. If you’re looking for a remarkable blend of uplifting tunes, charismatic showcase of words as well as pensive soliloquies, you've come to the right place. Hit Picks: "Void If Detached" and "Drifter” - Heather Corcoran

Heart Like Mine transforms the pastoral American sound into beautiful textures that draw on nostalgia and evoke a warm sense of province. From the malevolent meter of Heart Like Mine to the bluesy lament of All Over You, England serves up a most palatable portfolio of heart break, confession and of course waiting on tables. While every song is worthy of praise, I thoroughly enjoyed Twenty-twenty Vision. With its breezy stride and rustic tone, this little shanty is authentic Americana reverie - I love it! Heart Like Mine is a treat for any roots music fan.” - Ryan Hoffer, A&R

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I'm playing music from the very fine "Heart Like Mine".” - Massimo Ferro

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The Second Annual Women’s Gathering was held Saturday, March 19 at the Egan Institute in honor and celebration of National Women’s History Month. In the spirit of new motherhood, Nantucket’s own singer, songwriter and recording artist, Amy England, captured hearts with her lullabies and songs. Gennifer Costanzo, Sarah Wright and Sandy Walsh”

— Nantucket Independent

More than a beautiful release, she's damn good...” - Music Director, Raymond Swennen

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A great debut from an artist to watch!” - Charley Walters, Owner

— Musicall