A songwriter of uncommon warmth, with a dash of salty honesty and great great songs. The hickory in her voice reminds me of the great Sammi Smith.” - Joe Hagan

— writer for Rolling Stone, New York Magazine

A writer and singer destined to make a major impression on the Americana scene” - Alan Cackett

Maverick Magazine

It's interesting that a singer/songwriter of great talent would live on a small island. Folk singer guitarist Amy England finds a lot of great hooks around Nantucket Island. You don't have to live on an island to identify with Amy's words ... her stories are universal.”

Roots Music Report


— Bil VornDick

It is a great cd. Try it you will like it.” - Roz Larman


These are some of the wonderful radio stations playing Amy England: CHRW, Ontario www.chrwradio.com CJSW, Calgary www.cjsw.com CKRL, Quebec www.ckrl.qc.ca CJUM, Manitoba Steelbelted Radio www.umfm.com KANM, TX kanm.tamu.edu KBBI, AK www.kbbi.org KCAW, AK www.ravenradio.org KCOU, MO kcou.mu.org KCRW, CA www.kcrw.com KCSN, CA www.kcsn.org KFAI, MN www.kfai.org Urban Folk & Stone Soup KGNU, CO www.kgnu.org KMXT, AK www.kmxt.org KNMB, NM www.backfortybunkhouse.com KPSU,OR www.kpsu.org KRCL, UT www.kcrl.org KRFC, CO krfcfm.org KQRV, MT www.ontheradio.net/RadioStation KSD, MO www.ksd.com KTEP, TX www.ktep.org KTRA, NM www.102ktra.com/main.html KTXT, TX www.ktxt.net KWMW, NM www.backfortybunkhouse.com KUT, TX www.kut.org KYNR, WA www.1490koty.com KZMU, UT www.kzmu.org KZSU, CA kzsu.stanford.edu NSEO, Paris www.nseo.com UMFM, RG www.umfm.com WBCR, MA www.berkshireradio.org WBRS, MA www.wbrs.org WCBN, MI www.wcbn.org WCOL, OH www.wcol.com WCRS, SC www.1450wcrs.com WCUW, MA www.wcuw.com WCVF, NY www.fredoniaradio.org WDVR, NJ www.wdvrfm.org WEFT, IL www.weft.org WERU, ME www.weru.org WFCS, CT http://hometown.aol.com/timewarpofwfcs WFMU, NJ www.wfmu.org WGAO, MA www.mikeschuster.com/Power88 WGKY, KY www.96classiccountry.com WICN, MA www.wicn.org WJJC, GA www.americanamediapro.com/Stations/WJJC WMGT, MN www.othersideofcountry.com WMPG, ME www.wmpg.org WMVY, MA www.mvyradio.com WNTI, NJ www.wnti.org WNCK, MA www.wgbh.org WOMR, MA www.womr.org WPKN, CT www.wpkn.org WQBR, PA www.bear999.com WRBC, ME abacus.bates.edu/wrbc WRIR, VA Lost Music Saloon www.wrir.org WUMB, MA www.wumb.org WVGN, VI www.wvgn.org WVMR, WV www.well.com/user/dmsml/wvmr WXXE, NY www.wxxe.org 101 FM Australia www.101fm.asn.au/about 2RRR 88.5 FM The Cosmic Cowboy Cafe, Sydney, Australia 365 Live www.live365.com/index.live Highway 61, Italy www.highway61.it/home La Otra Musica, Spain MP3.com Syndicated Radio MP3.com Dawning MP3.com Red Dirt Kids NTV, MA Nu Country FM, Australia Plum TV www.plumtv.com Radio ATL, Belgium Radio Milo Radio RheinWelle 92,5, Hillbilly Jukebox www.cashville.de Radio Winschoten, Alt-County Cooking www.radiowinschoten.nl Real Roots Cafe www.realrootscafe.com Semi-Twang, CA www.angelfire.com/indie/semitwang Three Chord Barbecue www.jsonline.com/weblogs Tossm Radio www.tossmmusic.com Twangcast www.twangcast.com TV17, MA www.genotv.com/abouttv17.html Whole Wheat Radio www.wholewheatradio.org VARA Radio 1 & 2, Holland www.radio.nl/2003/home XM Satellite Radio www.xmradio.com The Village XM 15 make requests here! http://www.xmradio.com/programming/channel_guide.jsp?ch=15 ZuSa Radio, Germany”

— Many of these stations have live internet broadcasts, Tune in!

Amy England from Nantucket to Nashville It's a story that reads like a ballad - a working mom on a little island off the east coast packs a bag to cut an album in Nashville... Read the article here:” - Marli Guzzetta

Nantucket Independent

Next month, Nantucket singer-songwriter Amy England will follow in the footsteps of Bob Dylan and Alison Krauss, as she sits down to record a new album in Nashville, Tenn., with renowned producer Bil VornDick. Along with Krauss and Dylan, VornDick has done studio work with country music legend Ralph Stanley and banjo impresario Bela Fleck. Read the full article here:” - Joel Silverstein

Inquirer & Mirror

Keep up the writing. You are quite talented! Gene” - Gene Shay

WXPN, Acoustic Cafe

Nantucketer Amy England mixes sassy vocals, folksy warmth and bluesy swagger on her first album, Heart Like Mine. The singer/songwriter is a magnetic presence and inviting storyteller, with a conversational style that kicks around tales of small town life that transcend their secluded island origins. Her voice is rich and expressive, conjuring Patsy Cline or Bonnie Raitt with an acoustic guitar and a folk side. Additional fretwork by Josh Stacy and Rudy Dauth is fiery and tastefully placed, supporting this fresh and feisty debut effort.”

Miles of Music

England reaches out across America Amy England has been pedaling her sultry, insightful songs at a fast pace recently, seeking more exposure and winning admiration from audiences nationwide. . ." - Catherine Fahey see full article”

Inquirer & Mirror