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  1. Gas Station Blues

From the recording Gas Station Blues

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I see you giving me the eye and I know you’re so bad,
But when you wear that cute, navy blue mechanics suit
I got to have you by my side.
I see you at the Mobil station, underneath the Pegasus.
The name embroidered on your chest says Lou.
I watch you working on my Buick.
You really seem to get into it.
I’m thinking about what those big hands could do.

Gas station blues, boy you light my fuse
With something I can use, high octane fuel
filling up on you, gas station blues

I see you giving me the eye
and it makes me smile inside.
Gosh you look so good working underneath the hood.
I got to have you in my ride.
Boy, are your eyes blue tonight?
Or could it be the neon light,
shinning down from the open all night sign.
The late night hours are really nice: full tank at half the price, then we sit inside smoking your King Kools.

Gas station blues, got me confused
Breathing in those fumes--
You show me your tattoo, a heart broken in two,
What’s a girl to do--
gas station blues filling up on you,
gas station blues--